Lawn Care Treatments

Treatments for all your lawn care needs in Abbotsford

AB+C Landscape Maintenance Inc. has the experienced and certified staff to tend to all of your lawns needs. We will work with you to develop an annual program that best suits your needs and budget. We are big proponents of looking after Mother Nature and as such we only apply products that are necessary. We can offer natural products, but it has been our experience that they typically cost double, do half the work, and are not nearly as effective as other methods.


Up to four applications per year – early spring, late spring, summer and fall.
We use professional grade slow release products that vary for each season. 

Moss Control

One application per year – spring.
If you’ve ever owned a property in the Fraser Valley, you know that the battle with moss is never ending. While nobody can promise to eliminate the problem, with a good program for your lawn it can be significantly reduced. A healthy lawn is your best defense against this issue, along with many other issues and this includes a moss treatment at least once per year. In extreme cases, we may have to include a de-thatching service.


Up to two applications per year – spring and fall.
Lime is used to control the PH levels in your soil. Lime is an application that you will never be able to tell if it is working shortly after its application, unlike moss control and fertilizer, but it works within the overall program to provide a healthy lawn. Think of lime as shampoo for your lawn. You don’t notice much of a difference immediately after use, but you definitely notice if you don’t shampoo your hair for a long time. Same as lime for your lawn. 

Weed Control

Up to two applications per year – spring and fall.
Weed control applications can sometimes concern customers due to the information that they have heard in the media. At AB+C Landscape Maintenance Inc. we believe that it is our duty to do everything we can to protect and preserve our environment while providing necessary work to enhance its beauty. We treat your weed issues with care and attention to detail by only treating the areas that require it. We can set up a system of spot treatments for you on a regular basis or we can do a onetime treatment in the spring.

The question we most often hear when dealing with weed control is whether it is safe for kids, dogs and adults. The answer that I always provide is that according to the manufacturer it is safe to walk on once it is dry. While I believe that, I always suggest that I would not walk on it in bare feet until it has been washed in, either by rain or a watering system 24 hours after application.

Grub Control

Up to two applications per year – spring and fall.
A new problem that is becoming more and more prevalent in the landscape industry is grubs. This issue can usually be identified when the lawn has been dug up or turned over by crows, raccoons or animals. Once you’ve spotted the issue, treatment is still available, but your lawn will take time to recover. We recommend preventative treatment once or twice a year to avoid having to fix your lawn at a later date. 

Vegetation Growth in Sidewalks, Pathways, Driveways and Other Areas

We can attend your property to safely treat any unwanted vegetation growing in concrete, asphalt or gravel areas. Again, we would typically treat these areas only where required.

Treatment Packages

Choose the best treatment option for your lawn’s health. STARTER ADVANCED PREMIUM
Fertilizer 3 treatments 4 treatments 5 treatments
Lime 1 treatment 1 treatment 2 treatments
Moss Control 1 treatment 1 treatment 2 treatments
Weed Control 1 treatment 2 treatments 2 treatments

Let us know how we can transform your property with beautiful landscaping.