Robot Lawn Mowing

Robot mowers are a very new and exciting new opportunity for AB+C Landscape Maintenance Inc. As far as we know there is no other company in the Fraser Valley that has more experience than we have in this new industry. We have been installing the Husqvarna Automowers for over two years with 100% customer satisfaction. The biggest benefits to installing these machines are emissions, noise, a healthier lawn and time. 

There are zero emissions put into the air as this is strictly battery operated. This means no more trips to the gas station and spilling gas while trying to pour it into your traditional mower. The noise from the Automower is almost negligible. All you really hear is the ticking of the blades cutting the grass. The lawn is healthier as a result of mulching your lawn on a regular basis resulting in less requirements for fertilizer. In addition, as a result of the lawn being cut more regularly, less water is required because the Automower cuts just the tip of the blades of grass which is where the largest portion of the water is, and puts it back into the lawn. And finally, possibly most importantly, your lawn is always mowed and manicured. No more coming home from work thinking that you still have to mow the lawn after a long week. It’s always done and looks good.

The robot mowers, while new to North America, have been around for decades and are very popular in Europe. We have installed many Automowers on acreages as well as residential lots. In some cases we have installed multiple machines on one property. We can arrange to go through fences and over driveways if necessary. Customers have found that they sit on their deck and simply watch their mower work. And when they go into the house to get another glass of wine, if they can’t see the mower when they return, they walk the yard to find it and watch some more.

Here is a comment from a customer that have had us install the Automower for them:

“I’m pleased with the automower, my lawn took on a new look this year, it seems thicker, more carpet like. It’s also quiet & definitely a conversation piece!”

Automower pros and cons


  • Lawn is always mowed
  • No emissions
  • Minimal noise
  • Time savings
  • Healthier lawn
  • Less water and fertilizer required


  • No striping in the lawn
  • No more green coloured shoes from mowing
  • Too many visitors wanting to come over and see your new mower

Let us know how we can transform your property with beautiful landscaping.